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Expand your business online

There are several techniques to develop a business on the web. Improve visibility, conversions and audience. Make it easy for customers to find you. Make sure the navigation is smooth and optimised to encourage prospects to act.

Web Agency

Active online presence: the key to success

Social networks are essential tools to improve the visibility and reputation of a company. Business owners need to work on their digital presence if they want to boost their sales. For a better digital performance, create a good web presence.

There are several reasons for entrepreneurs to strengthen their presence on social networks. Social referencing is inexpensive. It increases the visibility of the company by regularly publishing quality content. This approach offers a better knowledge of prospects and customers as well as a better communication with the community.

Web sites

Create a showcase, an institutional or even an informative website like www.les-caraibes.com.

SEO strategy

To carry out an SEO strategy, start with a full site audit.

Graphic and web design

A web designer uses a written brief to lay out web content.

Web marketing strategy

Online advertising, social networks and SEO

To succeed in a Web marketing strategy, it is necessary to set up actions according to the objectives to be reached. The best strategy is to optimize the website. Offer visitors the best user experience to encourage them to buy your products.

Sell products through an e-commerce platform
Present your services and contact information
Convert your visitors into customers
Work on lead generation

Unique Design

Expert graphic designers at your service

Let our expert graphic designers help you create a logo, complete digital projects and all the steps of your visual communications.

Graphic design

A graphic design realizes communication supports with texts and images.

Visual identity

A visual identity represents the brand on all its communication supports.

User experience

The first step to a successful user experience is to know your typical customer.

Web Communication

E-Reputation specialist

Increase your website's visibility

There are several tricks to boost the visibility of a website: creation of e-book or white paper, generate traffic via newsletters …

SEO Strategy

SEO services

A referencing audit consists of diagnosing the qualities and defects of a web portal. The objective is to obtain a well optimised website such as www.nouslesvoyageurs.com and with a better visibility.

Improve your SEO

Take care of the natural referencing of your site

The objective of SEO for a website is to gain visibility in the SERP results. By taking care of the organic referencing of a site, you benefit from an opportunity to make your company known.

There are several criteria to optimise natural referencing: adopt responsive design, reduce page loading time, improve tags and metadata, develop a good keyword strategy…